Nathan Hedlund

Nathan was introduced to performance at a young age, participating in theater in middle and high school. Later Nathan found fire performance at Grassroots Music and Arts Festival in Trumansburg, NY in 2010 and was inspired by the art. Nathan became involved with the circus and performance community, taking classes and managing at Wildfire Retreat in Ashford, CT. In 2014 Nathan relocated to Charleston, SC, and Brushfire Collective was born.  Nathan hopes to elevate his and others performance art to the highest possible level and create a connection between the community and local performing artists.

Laura McNair 

Laura, Co-owner and Social Media Director of Brushfire Collective, is a prominent performer in Charleston, SC specializing in Fire and LED performance art. She began riding horses at a young age and continued throughout college which taught her dedication to her passion. An artistic soul, her love of performing arts was reawakened in 2012 after discovering hoop dance while attending her first music festival. She began spinning fire and performing professionally with BC in 2017. Laura wishes to captivate and inspire her audience with her love of flow arts and individualistic expression. Similar to her yoga practice, she truly believes in the potential of flow to heal and empower when shared with others. 

(Photo by Chase Barker Creative)

Julia Hyndman

Julia Catherine is the founder and sole operator of Healing Juju ©, live artist, fine artist, and flow artist. She can’t help but put her “healing juju” into all her work, invoking spirit and soul in all she shares. In college, Julia reclaimed her touch with her creative, artistic purpose the moment she began the exploration of flow arts. In the flow she was infinite, didn’t need to think, but could just be. Dedicating herself to her practice she eagerly opened herself to the opportunity to perform. She is absolutely honored to share this sacred and entertaining art with you, with the hopes to spread joy and inspiration! 

(Photo by Chase Barker Creative)

Stephanie Stein

Stephanie has been spinning inside the hoop for over three years and doesn’t plan on stopping anytime soon. She grew up as a gymnast and cheerleader until she found her circle after college. Shortly after, she moved into playing with LED props and fire. Stephanie hopes to inspire people around the world through her movement and performances.

Matthew Volkman

Matthew Volkman, a Wisconsin native, has achieved an incredible and expansive skill set through years of hard work and dedication. Beginning with poi and glow sticks as a young adult Matthew soon upgraded to practicing his art with the element of fire. Later, joining with Brushfire Collective in Charleston, Matthew showcases a humble but impressive act and continues to seek knowledge and growth in his practice. He enjoys performing on the beach, craft beer and a nice sit.

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